New Messenger Data From Mercury

Kepler Finds First Planet Candiates In Habitable Zone

Opportunity Celebrates 7 years on Mars

EPOXI visit to Comet Hartley 2 reveals unexpected results

Comet Hartley 2 is visited by the EPOXI mission and reveals that it seems to be different than the other comets that have been visited by space craft.

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The Search for other Earths and other Life

HD 10180 : Richest Planetary System Discovered

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Stunning Aurora Videos

Stunning Aurora as seen in Telemark, Norway on August 4th 2010. 


National Geographic time lapse of a single night in Norway.


Exoplanet caught on the move by the VLT

The Answer!

Most presenters of space shows will have been asked at some point, "how do you go to the toilet in space?"... Well, this is the detailed answer, from the guys that know.