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A living wall, also referred to as a green wall, vertical garden, or sky farm, is usually part of a building and consists of some sort of vegetation. These types of gardens are sometimes referred to as urban gardening, because they are well-suited for an urban environment where space on the ground is very limited but vertical space is plentiful. These vertical gardens can be quite spectacular in appearance, and in some cases, they even work to filter clean air into the building in which they are growing upon.

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News : Gravity Challenge : North Ayrshire



This version of the Gravity Challenge started with four days of the Gravity 3D show, and then continued with twelve days of science workshops. The first six were with S1 Ardrossan Academy students and then continued with the cluster primary schools Stanley, Winton, West Kilbride and finally Dykesmain.

Working as teams of 4 or 5 students (P7 or S1), the challenge starts with some simple experiments that help in understanding gravity and motion.  The teams also film the experiments, both as an integral part of two of the experiments and to create an explanation of at least one of the experiments (max 2mins movie). 

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Coming Soon A digital media competition for Primary and Secondary Schools:


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Flying with nature's own fuel


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Dr. Marc Millis : Breakthrough Propulsion and Interstellar Travel

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3D : Bring them back ALIVE!

Coming Soon

This new 3D show takes audience involvement even further, by using voting pads to make decisions that determine what happens next. BTBA is a Biomedical show that explains how the body works by using both real medical 3D data and simplified 3D models. The show raises a number of ethical issues that are then discussed in the follow on debate. Multi-media presentations on the topic "What it means to be HUMAN" are then submitted for a digital media competition.

Target P7 - S1.  

Time : Double Period + competition

More details soon.