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Prof John Ellis Interview

As part of our research visit to CERN, for our LHC 3D show, we were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to do a short interview with Prof John Ellis.

This is the first part of series of short interviews from that visit.

You can change the 3D viewing options, by clicking on the 3D button at the bottom of the video.

A gallery of images from the LHC visit can be found here : Gallery

Information about the 3D school show will be available here : LHC 3D School Show

So how does the LHC work?

Animation 'The Bottle to Bang'

You will find this and other useful LHC videos on the CERN Document Server.

Coolest Pop-Up Book Ever!

LHC 3D : Development


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Space - the Solar System & Beyond

An amazing 3D school show, that comes to you!
Format : 45min 3D show + 15 min Q&A
Target : P5-P7
Covers Curriculum for Space Topic
Usually 4 shows per day




Presenter lead realtime 3D Show, with voting system.
Format : 45-50min 3D show
Target : P7 - S3  11yrs - 14yrs
Covers Newtonian Gravity, Life of Stars and Formation of the Universe.
 Maximum of 40 pupils (30 with Gravity Workshop). 
Usually 4 shows per day.  More :