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How to : edit or create stereo movies in FCP

Although Final Cut Pro doesn't have any built in tools for working with stereo 3D, the following two tools can make the process of creating your stereo 3D feature much, much easier. However, if you want to do it all manually, the final section shows you how to setup a side by side viewer in FCP.

PluralEyes for Syncing Your Clips :

Before you can do very much you need to sync your left and right eye footage, along with any audio track if that has been captured separately. If you are using consumer, or even prosumer cameras, then this can be a real chore.  Singular Software have a solution for this, their PuralEyes software will automatically sync both video and audio in FCP, ready for you to crop and then take onto the next stage..

Watch the tutorials here.

How to : create side x side stereo movies

Present3D Help

Creating side by side stereo movies in QuickTime


Present3D is great for displaying stereo. Stereo movies however should always be used in side by side format. This page will go through how to produce side by side stereo movies in QuickTimePro.


  1. Open both the left and right eye movie files in QuickTimePro.
  2.  Choosing the right eye movie, use the Select All then Copy functions from the edit menu.
  3.  Now click on the left eye movie, use the "Select All' and then use the Add to Selection and Scale function from the edit menu. Both movie will now be directly on top of each other.
  4.  Now open the Show Movie Properties from the window menu: The left eye movie will be Video Track 1, and the right eye will be Video Track 2. Select Video Track 2 and click the Visual Setting tab. Now using the Offset, change the the first value to width of the video file. In the Player window both video tracks should be side by side.
  5. Now Save and a side by side stereo movie has been sucessfully created.