Present3D now supports CLUT with DICOM Volumes!

As part of the ongoing Joint Medical Visualisation Project with Aberdeen University, Present3D has now been updated to use Hounsfield Units and allow Colour Look Up Tables (CLUT) to be used. A full version of the above clip in side x side stereo can be downloaded from here:

More information about this project can be found here:

Stereo Movies available to download :

This is a short clip from a side x side stereo movie created with Present3D from a dicom series of CT slices.

A number of full screen stereo movies are available to be downloaded here :


How to : edit or create stereo movies in FCP

Although Final Cut Pro doesn't have any built in tools for working with stereo 3D, the following two tools can make the process of creating your stereo 3D feature much, much easier. However, if you want to do it all manually, the final section shows you how to setup a side by side viewer in FCP.

PluralEyes for Syncing Your Clips :

Before you can do very much you need to sync your left and right eye footage, along with any audio track if that has been captured separately. If you are using consumer, or even prosumer cameras, then this can be a real chore.  Singular Software have a solution for this, their PuralEyes software will automatically sync both video and audio in FCP, ready for you to crop and then take onto the next stage..

Watch the tutorials here.