How to : Use Screen Capture

Using screen capture in Present3D to save images and make movies.


This is a test volume render in Present3D using a Colour Look Up Table to hide and colour selected parts of the CT data. The movie was created using Present3D's save to image sequence feature and then opened in Quicktime Pro 7 to convert to a movie. Three sequences were saved then combined in Motion. The final zoom sequence used a path in Present3D to create the zoom.

Single Image :

To capture a single image press the "m" key and an image will be saved to the same directory/folder where your presentation xml file is located. If you want to change the location where files will be saved you can do this by starting your presentation using the following additional command  : 

--screenshot folder_name/filename.jpg

Posting Stereo Video to YouTube 3D

So, you want to put your 3D videos on YouTube and you would like to be able to access all those cool 3D options, but you haven't been able to find any info that tells you what to do.... well, let me pass on what I have found out so far.... not much, but better than nothing.

First, to be able to see the 3D options, it appears that you need to be viewing the video on the YouTube site. It doesn't seem to work for embedded videos ( if you know how to make 3D work with embedded video please let me know! ). Go here to see the original on YouTube. 

Guernica in 3D

Active glasses for 3D ready projectors

Cheap #3D ready DLP projectors are coming. So this technology could finally make its way into mainstream education. But, requires expensive active glasses.  How cheap do the glasses need to become before schools will even consider them? 

Present3D now supports CLUT with DICOM Volumes!

As part of the ongoing Joint Medical Visualisation Project with Aberdeen University, Present3D has now been updated to use Hounsfield Units and allow Colour Look Up Tables (CLUT) to be used. A full version of the above clip in side x side stereo can be downloaded from here:

More information about this project can be found here:

Stereo Movies available to download :

This is a short clip from a side x side stereo movie created with Present3D from a dicom series of CT slices.

A number of full screen stereo movies are available to be downloaded here :


What is 3D Stereoscopic Visualisation

So what is Stereoscopic Visualisation? It is the way your brain expects to see things, with a left eye view and a right eye view, and from the minor differences that around 60mm of eye separation creates in these two views, the brain is able to calculate depth and therefore able to construct and understand the real world we experience every day. It is the difference between looking at a flat photograph or illustration of an object and feeling that you can reach out and touch the object itself.

Recent Events

As well as one off events in schools throughout the year, the DLF also supplies a service to other educational venues and providers. 


Gravity Challenge : North Ayrshire

May - June 2009:

Low Cost Stereo Visualisation

 Low Cost Stereo Visualisation for Higher Education:

Over the last few years Phil Lavery has been doing a series of events and seminars to introduce low cost, easy to use, but very powerful Real time Interactive 3D Stereoscopic Visualisation to Higher Education and Research Institutions.


3D Modelling


3D Modelling Programs - Cross Platform

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