Preview : The Story of Electricity : BBC

For some more shocking fun, you could book our Maxwell's Rainbow 3D showor go to our  James Clerk Maxwell, Electricity and Magnetism resources page.

Kepler Finds First Planet Candiates In Habitable Zone

Opportunity Celebrates 7 years on Mars

The Search for other Earths and other Life

HD 10180 : Richest Planetary System Discovered

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Stunning Aurora Videos

Stunning Aurora as seen in Telemark, Norway on August 4th 2010. 


National Geographic time lapse of a single night in Norway.


Nice Explanation of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Science@Nasa Explanation of the Electromagnetic spectrum.

Of course, I also really like our own explanation that forms the basis for our own Maxwell's Rainbow 3D travelling school show.

Robot Inspiration

Just shows what can be achieved with a little sticky tape and a lot of drive and  inspiration. 

With thanks to @digitalmaverick for tweeting the link to this video.

15 Living Walls, Vertical Gardens & Sky Farms :

future sky farm

Original on Environmental Graffiti

A living wall, also referred to as a green wall, vertical garden, or sky farm, is usually part of a building and consists of some sort of vegetation. These types of gardens are sometimes referred to as urban gardening, because they are well-suited for an urban environment where space on the ground is very limited but vertical space is plentiful. These vertical gardens can be quite spectacular in appearance, and in some cases, they even work to filter clean air into the building in which they are growing upon.

Our Window Farm Project :

!! this is a work in progress, so please chip in with ideas, solutions and of course questions :-)

Inspired by the above New York WindowFarms project, the aim is to develop an integrated topic that is suitable for both primary and secondary students. 

As the pilot project progresses we will include examples of the students work.

Basic Plan :

Stage 1 : Discussion with students. What do plants need & where do they grow?

Stage 2 : Experiments : testing growing mediums, nutrients & lighting requirements.

Stage 3 : Monitoring the experiments using Digital Diary/Logbook, video, photos, spreadsheet