The word normal always scared me! - Inside Tim Burton's head.

The Tim Burton exhibition is at MOMA from Nov 22 - April 26, 2010.

Wish I could go!

Link : MOMA


Rushes Sequence for you to edit - Chad Hurley interview

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Music Resources



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Music makes such a difference to students movies and presentations, but it needs to be from a legal source. This probably means you have two options, the students create the music themselves with GarageBand ( or similar) or you source royalty free music. 


FilmSchool Resources

Apple Education Resources:

iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand - support and more..


Apple Digital Campus Exchange

Join up and join in - its free, and very, very useful


iTunes U

Education resources on iTunes

FilmSchool 2004


In June 2004, in conjunction with Careers Scotland, we ran the FilmSchool2004 enterprise challenge for Scottish secondary schools. 120 S5/6 students from all over Scotland took part in the 3 day event.


Brief :  

To produce a 2 minute video that promotes their local area as a great place to live and work. A second challenge to produce a 30 second trailer was also given at 6pm on the night before the final deadline.