Cloud Chamber Particles

Demystifying Mass : Sean Carroll

Stunning Aurora Videos

Stunning Aurora as seen in Telemark, Norway on August 4th 2010. 


National Geographic time lapse of a single night in Norway.


ESA : A Black Hole Inferno

The Standard Model Explained

James Clerk Maxwell still at the forefront of Science?


Via Institute of Physics

Ulf Leonhardt suggests that using an untested theory of Maxwell's may allow light to be focused below it's wavelength. This is something that has been thought to be impossible. But, if true, could be of a huge benefit in the production of microchips and in the developing field of nano technology.

Links :

Ulf Leonhardt Page

Ulf on Artificial Black Holes

Our Maxwell Show and Competition.

3D Show : Maxwell's Rainbow

What Maxwell did for us!

Maxwell Resources and Links

So how does the LHC work?

Animation 'The Bottle to Bang'

You will find this and other useful LHC videos on the CERN Document Server.

Coolest Pop-Up Book Ever!

Gravity Challenge : Southern Tour Best Movie


Best Movie : 1st Place 

team :     Hawking 28 Jan 2009

location : Magna / CENT / Rawmarsh CLC

school :   Maltby

The Gravity Challenge is a full day activity that includes a 3D show, hands on experiments, building a roller coaster and creating a movie from the footage captured during the activities.

The rest of the Gravity Challenge Southern Tour results can be found here :