3D : Maxwell's Rainbow

Maxwell's Rainbow 3D Travelling Show


3D Show Requirements



* Good Blackout!

* Seating for audience

3D : Gravity

  • Presenter lead realtime 3D Show, with voting system to enable audience interaction.
  • Covers Newtonian Gravity, Life of Stars and a Current theory on Formation of the Universe.
  • Aimed at : P7 - S3 / Yr 7 - Yr 10 / 11yrs - 14yrs
  • Maximum of 40 pupils. ( 30 if used with Gravity Workshop )

Development part funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council

Gravity, is a travelling school show that is presented using Stereoscopic Projection, to create a memorable immersive 3D experience, that brings the “Wow” factor into the classroom to promote learning and understanding.

There are some common misconceptions about gravity and the way it works. This 3D show tackles them through a series of virtual experiments, that explain the basics of Newton’s theory of Gravitation, why satellites orbit the earth, why astronauts float about, and much, much more.

We then explore the formation of the universe and the part that Gravity, Dark Matter and Dark Energy have played, using material from the Institute of Computational Cosmology, University of Durham.

The Final part of the show looks at the Life and Death of Stars. Including, what will happen to our Sun and what happens when you fall into a black hole.

A voting system is used throughout the show to pose questions and capture responses.

This show can also be combined with the Gravity Challenge Workshops.

Over 5,000 pupils have already enjoyed this show, and over 24,000 have taken part in Digital Learning Foundation activities..

Download Flyer : gravity3d.pdf

3D Show Requirements


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3D : Space, the Solar System & Beyond


girl with 3D glasses smiling and reaching out 







Space the Solar System & Beyond

Format : 45min 3D show + Q&A

Target : P5-P7

An amazing 3D school show, that comes to you!

* Inspires and Motivates

* Covers Curriculum for Space Topic P5-7

* Only £275 per day + travel, usually 4 shows - so can be less than £2 pupil

* No buses... we come to you.

Space - The Solar System and Beyond, is a curriculum based travelling school show that is presented using Stereoscopic Projection to create an immersive 3D experience that brings the "Wow" factor into the classroom and promotes understanding of complex and abstract concepts, motivates research and self learning, and has been voted the best thing they did all year by the children that have taken part....

surface of mars


Our journey starts with the earth in space: why we experience day and night, the different seasons and view the moon in various phases. From there we travel deeper into our solar system, examine the planets, investigate their relative sizes, temperatures and practice memorising their names. Next we cover some key space missions including the Apollo moon landing, we join the exploration rovers on the surface of Mars and the Cassini mission to Saturn. On the last leg of our expedition we see the stars of the Milky Way as never before, as we fly through the constellations discovering millions of stars, other solar systems and end with an appreciation of the vastness of our galaxy.