Support the DLF


As an educational charity we are entirely dependant on support to enable us to deliver our educational activities. Since our launch in 2005, over 25,000 students of all ages have taken part in our activities and that has been made possible by the project support received from the following organisations.


FilmSchool 2004

Careers Scotland





Space, the Solar System & Beyond

Careers Scotland.


Blast off to Science Tour

Careers Scotland.

Maxwell's Rainbow

Heritage Lottery Fund

James Clerk Maxwell Foundation.


What Maxwell did for Us!

Heritage Lottery Fund

James Clerk Maxwell Foundation.

Gravity Show


Careers Scotland

Gravity Challenge Southern Tour


Leeds West CLC

St Helens


Durham University

Bangor University

Nottingham North eLC


Gravity Challenge North Ayrshire 


North Ayrshire Education Department.


LHC3D - It's all down to Gravity! 


Durham University


We would also like to thank all the schools, universities and organisations that have hosted individual events.

Including :

Aberdeen University : Anatomy & Medical

Dundee University / Nine Wells Hospital : Anatomy & Medical

Edinburgh University : Anatomy & Medical

Glasgow University : Physics & Astronomy 

Glasgow University : Computing Science

Glasgow University : Glasgow Science Festival

Glasgow University : Anatomy & Medical


Royal College of Surgeons

Sensation, Dundee.


list currently incomplete :-)