SHARE : A 3D Collaborative Environment


The "SHARE" Environment


The development of a Jointly Inhabited Collaborative 3D Learning Environment


A single realtime interactive 3D environment is an amazing educational tool. So what happens when you connect two or more together and enable students and teachers to work collaboratively on a joint project with colleagues across the world? This project aims to find out...





SHARE Hardware

The basic hardware is the same as for individual Passive Stereo systems there are just multiple systems linked by broadband internet connections. Additional interface devices and linkage to PDA's and Mobile Phones are also being explored.



SHARE Software


An essential part of this development is the ability for the students/educators to use the technology creatively, to generate their own content, share their findings with others and collaborate on the creation of joint projects. The SHARE software is open source and based on Present3D.


Working collaboratively in a jointly inhabited 3D "SHARE" environment, with schools, universities, museums or libraries in different parts of the country or internationally opens up enormous potential for breaking down barriers and bringing new insight to subjects like history and geography, and encourages global citizenship.


Integration with other devices, like PDA's and mobile phones to explore connections between the real and virtual worlds will add a new dimension to the experience and allow the transfer of data, images, messages, instructions, hints etc; from one environment to the other.


Pilot Project

This project aims to explore the benefits and problems that using this technology in learning environments will raise along with the new methods of learning and teaching that it enables.


Cornish 3Diaspora Project

It is envisaged that SHARE environments will be used to connect museums and schools, initially in Cornwall and Western Australia, but potentially all over the world.

Cornish 3D Diaspora