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The Easy and Powerful Open Source Tool for creating fully interactive 3D presentations for stereoscopic visualisation.

With affordable real time, stereoscopic visualisation now being a reality, why is it not more widely adopted? The answer is simple, hardware is only one part of the equation, traditionally these systems have been run by experienced computer programmers and without these skills it has been either impossible or very expensive to create your own content. Not any more!



Present3D is a real breakthrough in power, flexibility and ease of use for a stereo visualisation authoring tool. Completely cross platform, the same presentation can go from laptop, to desktop, to multipipe stereo visualisation environment independent of the OS and hardware used and, most importantly, any one can use it! No programming skills required! And it gets better, Present3D allows the creation of seamless presentations that combine, text, bulleted text, backgrounds, images, stereo images, movies, stereo movies, point cloud models, polygonal models (over thirty formats currently supported including massive terrain and vizsim .flt models) and animation paths, all in a real time, fully interactive environment....drop in a model, turn it, zoom in and explore a detail, fly through and around it..... but why stop at just one model, Present3D uses the familiar slideshow format of applications like Powerpoint, so not only can a single slide combine all of these elements, including multiple models, but you can have as many slides as you require. Go from a text and movie introduction, to a fly through of a virtual town, to a full colour laser scan....what ever is required to explain your research, product, topic or design. By using animation paths and the autorun facility you can also build fully interactive stereo kiosks, for medical information, science centres, museums and heritage applications, now the limit is your imagination.


You will find links to the helps pages on this site and where to obtain P3D below.


The DLF uses P3D for the development of its 3D Presentations and Shows.


Download Present3D 


Present3D can now be obtained by downloading the OpenSceneGraph from site link below. 


OSG  Site  : Download SVN


Then go here to obtain instructions for Building OSG and Present3D on OsX


We aim to provide binaries shortly that will make the install easier. You will find links here when that happens.



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(Development Team members only) : Present3D Development Page 



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