Succesfull test of Large Hadron Collider : CMS

Splash event recorded by the CMS experiment on 7 November. The electromagnetic calorimeter is in red, the hadronic calorimeter in blue, the muon system is yellow and magenta. The barrel muon detector was on standby and the inner tracking detector was off.

On Saturday evening, at around 8 p.m., after passing through the LHCb detector, for the first time since last year's incident, protons arrived at the doorstep of the CMS experiment, thus completing half the journey around the LHC's circumference.

Low energy protons from the LHC were dumped in a collimator just upstream of the CMS cavern. The calorimeters and the muon chambers of the experiment saw the tracks left by particles coming from the dumping point (a so-called 'splash event', see image). During the weekend, bunches of protons were also sent in the clockwise direction passing through the ALICE detector and were dumped at point 3.

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Glorious Dawn : Carl Sagan Tribute

Original on YouTube

Carl Sagan would have been 75 on Nov 9th. If you missed the Carl Sagan Day event, then this is a tribute that will last.

Thank you John :-)

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Carl Sagan Portal

Happy Carl Sagan Day

Stunning Pictures of Mars Surface

The Big Picture article, that the above image is from, has 35 of the most beautiful images of Mars I have seen.  Visit The Big Picture  to see the others. (NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)



Hands-On Universe (Eu-Hou)

Interactive astronomy for the classroom, with exercises, cross platform software and other tools.

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Great project for biology class

This could be a really great science project... Get the students to document the creation of their window farm, by making a movie they can share, use a blog to monitor the progress of the plants and success of the project... what else could you add?

More information here :

Also see our WindowFarm project with a primary 5 class.

Semantic web is coming! Warn your students.


Echo Creator Khris Loux on Vimeo.

Already you will have  heard stories of students careers being harmed by inappropriate use of social media. And, with the progress to the semantic web, the opportunity for this to happen is only going to dramatically increase.

The internet is an amazing tool, but it has a long memory. As Chris Loux says, everyone makes mistakes. But where those points will disappear off your driving licence in a few years, on the internet there is no such filter, those mistakes will just keep popping up with every search.

So does that mean social media is a bad thing? 

No, it means that students need to be taught what good web citizenship is and this should start now, or there may be consequences.




Storyboarding tool for Education : iStoryBoards


If you need another reason why the iPod Touch should have a camera, then Oscar Stringer has just given you one with the launch of his photographic storyboarding tool - iStoryboards.

Getting students to understand the importance of planning their movie /animation is one thing. Getting them to create a useful storyboard is another. This application not only makes the process easy, but, by having a slideshow mode that allows you to add music, the storyboard becomes a production in itself. Great work Oscar.

Oscar is an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Links :

Oscar's Site.   iStoryboards.

A real rich task | EVOLVER The viewing experience

Second year architectural students get the complete experience, from brief to completion of the final structure. How rewarding is that!

This is what rich tasks should aim for. Making a real difference, both in the community and the lives of the students.

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360 Degree 3D Display Prototype



Currently this cylindrical volumetric display is just a prototype. It is low resolution and small, (approx 27cm x 13cm) . But, if the technology can be scaled up without becoming prohibitively expensive, then this could be particularly suitable for museums and medical education.


MultiUser MultiTouch Sequencer

MultiUser MultiTouch Sequencer and PufferSphere at London Digital Week.

Teamwork, fun, making music and visually appealing... that's what we need :-)