Rana Sobhany : iPad DJ

Rana replaces her usual DJ kit with two iPads and a mixer. The result, a really fun system that has huge potential, as there are new music applications becoming available all the time..
The applications being used in the video are :

Korg iElectribe

Groovemaker House

Looptastic HD

iPad Thoughts:

A two year old plays with the iPad

Link : Erik Sherman

It is easy to view this and forget that you are watching a 2.5 year child, interacting intuitively, with a computer. Look how much she does without really thinking about it. And, when she does have problems, it is because of  inconsistent interface design. In fact, as a result  of this video, FirstWords are amending their applications splash screen to give it a start button, rather than the graphic that caused all the confusion.

Design with Intent Toolkit


Dan Lockton's toolkit, is a series of 101 cards, that aim to provoke discussion and raise awareness of issues that influence the way we interact with designed objects, both real and virtual.

Great free resource for discussion with design or computer science students. You will find download links on both sites below.

Links : 

Toolkit Wiki : 

Dan Lockton's Blog :

Robot Inspiration

Just shows what can be achieved with a little sticky tape and a lot of drive and  inspiration. 

With thanks to @digitalmaverick for tweeting the link to this video.

Weight vs Mass: An explanation from the ISS

Medical students go to the 3D movies :

3D technology on display

3D has taken the big screen by storm — blockbuster Avatar which uses the technology is reported to be the biggest grossing film of all time.

And the concept is becoming more available with the advent of 3D TV for the home and with Sky TV preparing to launch Europe’s first dedicated 3D TV channel, which it previewed earlier with a live 3D broadcast of a Premier League football match.

Now 3D is being used by the University of Aberdeen - in collaboration with the Digital Learning Foundation - to help teach medical students.

Aberdeen’s medical school is believed to be the first in the UK to use this particular kind of 3D software whichcan transform a medical scan such an MRI or CAT scan into a 3D image within seconds.

The 3D data can then be studied by medical students wearing special glasses just like those worn by movie-goers.

Our Window Farm Project :

!! this is a work in progress, so please chip in with ideas, solutions and of course questions :-)

Inspired by the above New York WindowFarms project, the aim is to develop an integrated topic that is suitable for both primary and secondary students. 

As the pilot project progresses we will include examples of the students work.

Basic Plan :

Stage 1 : Discussion with students. What do plants need & where do they grow?

Stage 2 : Experiments : testing growing mediums, nutrients & lighting requirements.

Stage 3 : Monitoring the experiments using Digital Diary/Logbook, video, photos, spreadsheet

CMS: LHC CERN visit Photo 3 :

Just like wiring a plug really..

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Surounded by Roller Coasters..

.. How do I get Lunch?

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Year 10 engrossed building Roller Coasters