drawing (on) riverside : the process

There are some projects that start out as one thing and then seem to morph into something else all together.

This was one of those.

still taken from On Wrecker's Ball

A still from On Wrecker's Ball, Digital Pepper's Ghost Installation.


Trish (Patricia Cain) first approached me, by email, around the end of August 2010. She had used a 3D drawing tool developed by John Stell of Leeds University, that allowed gestural drawings to be created using a tracked 3D mouse, a project that unfortunately, had since been discontinued, and she had thoughts of doing something similar for her Kelvingrove exhibition that would open in April 2011. 

Kepler Finds First Planet Candiates In Habitable Zone

How to : Looping Video on iPod

Ever wanted wanted to use your iPod to replace a computer as a constant replay device, or just to have it play a looping video? If so, you will have found that none of the existing video apps will play a looping video. But, if you have been to an Apple store you will have seen iPods playing a looping video. So how do you do that....

Warning, before you do this, back up your iPod as you will be changing settings that will change your syncing settings. This has been tried and works on an iPod Classic.

1) In iTunes Summary window for your iPod, tick enable disk use on your iPod.

2) From finder create a folder on your iPod called "Demo Mode"

3) in iTunes name a video "Demo" and sync it to your movies section.

4) Unmount your iPod in iTunes, but keep it plugged in so its is powered... and wait for two minutes.... if all goes according to plan you should then have a looping video.

Opportunity Celebrates 7 years on Mars

AntiHydrogen at CERN : SixtySymbols

Sixty Symbols is a collaboration between The University of Nottingham School of Physics and Astronomy and video journalist Brady Haran.

More about the project can be found at http://www.sixtysymbols.com/

Media Education Wales |  Using film in schools

Film: 21st Century Literacy have just published 'Using film in schools: a practical guide', a free 50-page downloadable PDF mostly written by fellow ADE, Tom Barrance.

You can download from here : www.mediaedwales.org.uk/usingfilm

Posted via email from Digital Learning Foundation

OpenSceneGraph running on iPad

Open Source Drivers for Microsoft Kinect

Video shows Emily Gobeille & Theo Watson with their prototype interactive puppet that uses the Xbox Kinect with the libFreenect Kinect drivers and ofxKinect running on a Mac.

OpenFrameworks Forum : http://www.openframeworks.cc/forum/viewtopic.php?p=24948

Drivers are available here : OpenKinect

Link to : original Vimeo Page

EPOXI visit to Comet Hartley 2 reveals unexpected results

Comet Hartley 2 is visited by the EPOXI mission and reveals that it seems to be different than the other comets that have been visited by space craft.

Relevant DLF Show : "Space, The Solar System & Beyond" travelling 3D show

NASA Links : 

Solar System : http://solarsystem.nasa.gov

EPOXI Mission : http://www.nasa.gov/epoxi

3D Viewer of Solar System : http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/eyes/player/

More Resources : Space Resources & Links

Magnetometry 101 : NASA