Handheld Physics Fun :

 Touch Physics

While reorganising the application windows on my iPhone, I found this fun physics app again. And now I remember why it was hidden, it's so addictive.
Touch Physics Lite (Free) on iTunes : Touch Physics Lite
Touch Physics Full (Paid) on iTunes : Touch Physics
There is now also Touch Physics 2, however, I haven't tried it yet : Touch Physics 2

Isaac Newton's Gravity

Like the other "games"  here, Gravity is a series of physics/gravity puzzles to solve on your iPhone or iPodTouch. Some are quite tricky and some seem impossible... but they're not!

Hint: Don't over use the help early on, as you only have so many help points..

Gravity Lite (Free) on iTunes :  Isaac Newton's Gravity Lite

Gravity Full (Paid) on iTunes :  Isaac Newton's Gravity

Launchball : from Science Museum

Perhaps not the most intuitive interface, but is still a wothwhile physics challenge. You can also create and share your own levels and this could be the clincher for teachers.

At the time of writing there isn't a Lite (Free) version, but as it is only £0.59 probably worth a try if the level creator is of interest.

Launchball Full (Paid) : Launchball


Crazy Machines








Still using a physics engine, but in Crazy Machines, you solve the problems by building contraptions that include fans, ropes, bellows, and much more. Don't let the slightly tedious tutorial stop you, once you get into the flow, there are some tricky puzzles. A nice feature is that once you have completed each level you can view the Professor's solution.

At time of writing there is no Lite (Free) version and at £1.79 a little more expesive than some of the others.

Crazy Machines Full (Paid) : Crazy Machines