News : Gravity Challenge : North Ayrshire



This version of the Gravity Challenge started with four days of the Gravity 3D show, and then continued with twelve days of science workshops. The first six were with S1 Ardrossan Academy students and then continued with the cluster primary schools Stanley, Winton, West Kilbride and finally Dykesmain.

Working as teams of 4 or 5 students (P7 or S1), the challenge starts with some simple experiments that help in understanding gravity and motion.  The teams also film the experiments, both as an integral part of two of the experiments and to create an explanation of at least one of the experiments (max 2mins movie). 
Next, the teams try to build the fastest or most inventive roller coaster possible with the kit provided. They also film this to create a 30sec-1min advert to promote their Roller Coaster. During the day, the teams complete a workbook and are asked to predict what they think will happen, compare this to what actually happened and then interpret their results. They also have to return their roller coaster kits exactly as they were given, and finally they get to see the movies they have created. A really intense day of fun activities" 
To assist pupils, who may not have had any previous iMovie or Garageband experience, there are 5 min introductions to each, given at the start of the movie challenge.
The teams are marked on teamwork, workbook, RC Kit, Fastest RC, Most Inventive RC and their movies.
Funding for this series of events came from North Ayrshire Education Dept.
The Gravity Challenge was originally developed with funding from STFC.