How to : Include a Live Stream


Present3D Help


How to include a live stream from a capture card or WebCam 


In terminal/shell type : 


osgmovie --devices


    If you have any live feed devices associated with a QuickTime

    driver then this will spit out some command line options and


    It will also spit out any pseudo Windows VDIG wrapped Direct

    Show devices in the same way


eg: ...    Blackmagic HDTV 720    Intensity HDTV 720p 59.94

    ...    Hauppauge WinTV 418 Video Capture

                (4&E384A6E&0&48F0)    S-Video 3 UYVY @ 720x480


 run osgmovie and pass it a "pseudo" file name that will be

   translated by the plug-in to point at an input device eg




within Present3D the layer tag would be :