How to : Access iDisk Public Folder


New easy iDisk Public folder web address


We're pleased to announce a new simpler way to access iDisk Public folders with a browser. Simply entering the URL now produces a page that automatically includes download links for whatever's currently in membername's Public folder. All you need to do is give the URL for your iDisk Public folder to the friends and colleagues you share with. They'll see and be able to download whatever you put in there, whenever they visit the page.

You can also let friends and colleagues use your iDisk Public folder page to upload and share files themselves. Just select the iDisk pane in .Mac System Preferences and pick the Read/Write option for your Public Folder. You can even add password-protection if you want to limit access only to those you give the password to. If you add password-protection, your visitors will be prompted for a password when they first visit your Public folder. Note: your visitors should enter "public" (without the quotes) in the Name field when prompted for the Name and Password by Safari. Finally, it goes without saying but we're going to say it again anyway: You can only legally share what you own and have the right to share.


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