Higher Education

Our work in higher education currently falls into three main areas:

  • Introducing the benefits of low cost stereoscopic visualisation.
  • Developing new Open Source tools for educational use.
  • Partnering to support public understanding of science, outreach and school activities.

Low Cost Stereo Visualisation for Higher Education:
Over the last few years Phil Lavery has been doing a series of events and seminars to introduce low cost, easy to use, but very powerful Real time Interactive 3D Stereoscopic Visualisation to Higher education and Research Institutions. More...
Developing new Open Source tools for educational use:
Adoption of stereoscopic visualisation for education is dependant on there being applications available or developed to meet the needs of both educators and students. Our discussions with members of the Scottish medical education community has identified a need for a stereoscopic visualisation tool that can handle high quality volumetric data. More...
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If you would like to host an event or more information on stereoscopic visualisation our contact information is here. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.