How to : Install DCMTK for Volume Rendering

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Installing DCMTK on OS X to enable loading of DICOM files



Option 1 :

Install from MacPorts. This is easy and it usually works. Currently the Fink version seems to be broken.

Remember you will need to add the relevant paths to your .tcshrc file. Closing the sidebar (small arrow above) will make it easier to read this bit)


setenv PATH /usual_stuff_here/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/lib:/opt/local/include:/opt/local/share:/opt/local/sbin:${PATH}


and you will need to add a environmental variable to set the path to the dicom.dic file :


setenv DCMDICTPATH /opt/local/lib/dicom.dic 


Info on this here :

osg-users [at] lists [dot] openscenegraph [dot] org/msg22776.html"> [at] lists [dot] openscenegraph [dot] org/msg22776.html


Current Issues :


When building the OSG, cmake reports the following missing files :





These files are no longer required by the current version of DCMTK 3.5.4





Option 2 :


Download the source and compile yourself :


If you choose to do this, then these pages might help :

How to : Create DCMTK OSX Universal Binary


Good luck :-)