What Holds The World Together?

In this video, Felicitas Pauss gives a concise explanation of how the LHC will aim to explain where mass comes from.
Within the next few weeks, the LHC will collide particles for the first time and finally, the crazy talk about Black Holes eating the earth and time travelling saboteur Bosons will hopefully end.
Does that mean there is no possibility that the LHC will create a Black Hole?
No, in fact it is possible that it will.. and if it does, it will be really exciting. However, any black hole that is created will be tiny and have so little energy, that it will disappear within a fraction of a second. So how do we know this? Well apart from anything else, the LHC is recreating an event that happens every day in our upper atmosphere as cosmic rays bombard the earth with protons at even larger energies than the LHC. So, if the LHC can create a black hole, it has been happening every day since the earth has had an atmosphere.. and we are still here.
A common misconception is that the protons are being crashed together, to break them apart, to release even smaller particles that are contained within them. Our new LHC 3D show will tackle this and how the LHC will help us understand how gravity works. If you are aware of other misconceptions that you think we should cover, please leave a comment below.
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