Succesfull test of Large Hadron Collider : CMS

Splash event recorded by the CMS experiment on 7 November. The electromagnetic calorimeter is in red, the hadronic calorimeter in blue, the muon system is yellow and magenta. The barrel muon detector was on standby and the inner tracking detector was off.

On Saturday evening, at around 8 p.m., after passing through the LHCb detector, for the first time since last year's incident, protons arrived at the doorstep of the CMS experiment, thus completing half the journey around the LHC's circumference.

Low energy protons from the LHC were dumped in a collimator just upstream of the CMS cavern. The calorimeters and the muon chambers of the experiment saw the tracks left by particles coming from the dumping point (a so-called 'splash event', see image). During the weekend, bunches of protons were also sent in the clockwise direction passing through the ALICE detector and were dumped at point 3.

Posted via web from CERN