OpenSceneGraph running on iPad

iPad Orchestra & Seline HD

You have probably watched and listened to the iPhone Orchestra and the iPad DJ.. well now you can enjoy the iPad Orchestra. The software they are using is Seline HD and the tutorial below gives an introduction to the intuitive interface. 

Rana Sobhany : iPad DJ

Rana replaces her usual DJ kit with two iPads and a mixer. The result, a really fun system that has huge potential, as there are new music applications becoming available all the time..
The applications being used in the video are :

Korg iElectribe

Groovemaker House

Looptastic HD

iPad Thoughts:

A two year old plays with the iPad

Link : Erik Sherman

It is easy to view this and forget that you are watching a 2.5 year child, interacting intuitively, with a computer. Look how much she does without really thinking about it. And, when she does have problems, it is because of  inconsistent interface design. In fact, as a result  of this video, FirstWords are amending their applications splash screen to give it a start button, rather than the graphic that caused all the confusion.