The Beauty Of A Second : Competition

Yes, this is a promotion for Mont Blanc, but it is such a nice idea and such a great excercise.

What do you think is beautiful?

Can you capture that beauty, or that idea of beauty, in only a second of video? 

The 3rd and final round is open now: (Deadline is the 13th of December.) It is Flash based site.

Competition copy :

Cracking Invention Competition Gromit!

This is your (or your classes) chance to be in a future Wallace & Gromit adventure. Just design and build an invention, film it and then send it in before the 12th December...  and if you win, either a clay model of you or your invention will be joining Wallace & Gromit on set. So get cracking....

You can find all the info on the BBC site here : Wallace & Gromit Competition

or on the Wallace & Gromit site here :  Wallace & Gromit Competition

don't miss out on all the fun on the : Wallace & Gromit World of Invention site

You will find examples of previous W & G inventions  here :  Cracking Contraptions