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This site exists to help educational bloggers across Scotland to find each other and to talk to each other.



Ewan McIntosh's



Gordon's Ramblings

Hi there. I have been involved in education for a long time now. I started teaching Physics then moved to Computing as computers came into schools. I taught in a number of schools in Inverclyde for nearly twenty years. I am now an education adviser (Quality Improvement Officer in any other place!) with Renfrewshire Council. This blog in no way endorses or comments on anything to do with Renfrewshire and any comments made here are non attributable. You can see from my interests that I have far too many interests and not nearly enough time to do anything about them!



John Connell

...the point is not to interpret the world but to change it...



John Johnston

mostly what we are doing with ict in class and some links



ICT in my Classroom



Adventures in Instructional Support


School Blogs

A school or class blog is a great way to keep your local and the wider community up to date with what you and your students are doing.


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