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This site exists to help educational bloggers across Scotland to find each other and to talk to each other.



Ewan McIntosh's



Gordon's Ramblings

Hi there. I have been involved in education for a long time now. I started teaching Physics then moved to Computing as computers came into schools. I taught in a number of schools in Inverclyde for nearly twenty years. I am now an education adviser (Quality Improvement Officer in any other place!) with Renfrewshire Council. This blog in no way endorses or comments on anything to do with Renfrewshire and any comments made here are non attributable. You can see from my interests that I have far too many interests and not nearly enough time to do anything about them!



John Connell

...the point is not to interpret the world but to change it...



John Johnston

mostly what we are doing with ict in class and some links



ICT in my Classroom



Adventures in Instructional Support


School Blogs

A school or class blog is a great way to keep your local and the wider community up to date with what you and your students are doing.


Some Examples :


FilmSchool Resources

Apple Education Resources:

iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand - support and more..


Apple Digital Campus Exchange

Join up and join in - its free, and very, very useful


iTunes U

Education resources on iTunes


Making Movies:


Lesson Plans and More from FISe



Great resources and lesson plans for all stages:


DV in Education

Online Courses for teachers... and more


Media Education Wales





Creative Archive

From the BBC:


From the BFI:


From Channel 4:


From British Pathe:


Educational Use: All files are free of charge to UK schools, RBCs and LEAs through the national education broadband networks and are strictly for internal non-commercial use only. No other third party publishing or re-use is permitted without a commercial licence. If you wish to buy clips you will have to log on from a PC which is not part of a school network.



Possible Funding Sources for movie projects


First Light Movies 


In 2005, First Light Movies, the UK Film Council's filmmaking initiative for five to 18 year olds, delivered a project in 2005 called Big Screen Science, which used filmmaking to engage secondary school students in biomedical science issues.


Now there’s a free teaching resource pack to support the project which, as well as the DVD of the six films made, includes key science, class activities and suggested discussion issues.


To request a Big Screen Science pack, free of charge, please contact the First Light Movies office on 0121 753 4866 or info [at] firstlightmovies [dot] com ... or at



Getting your movie screened :






BBC Blast



Young Film Makers







FilmSchool Showcase

coming soon - here at the DLF!






Game Creation




An educational game creation tool from MIT


caligraphy 2.0


Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.


Scratch is designed to help young people (ages 8 and up) develop 21st century learning skills. As they create Scratch projects, young people learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the process of design.


Scratch is available free of charge, go to Download.

Currently available for Mac OSX and Windows ( system requirements)

To find more about the ideas underlying Scratch, visit the page for Educators.



Gamestar Mechanic 


Gamestar Mechanic was developed through a unique collaboration between Gamelab and the Games and Professional Practice Simulations (GAPPS) group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Funded as part of the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Initiative the project supports many 21st century skills and aims to give young people a platform to express their ideas through the making and sharing of games.



Solve Puzzles for Science


Trying to understand Protein Folding?

Then this game might just be for you.

Foldit is a revolutionary new computer game enabling you to contribute to important scientific research. 


An online community created to support amateur and professional game creators to connect, gather resources, exchange ideas, post their portfolio, play member created games and connect games to social networking platforms.

GameSalad Creator for Mac 

An intuitive development platform that democratizes game design by enabling non-programmers to create original, sophisticated games. Through a user-friendly interface, game designers can access complex algorithms necessary for implementing professional-level artificial intelligence and game play, without programming knowledge.



Gravity Resources & Links

 Understanding Gravity Links :

Sir Isaac Newton

page of links


Physical world OU pages:


The Physics Classroom


Newton's Cannon Simulation


Air Pressure and Gravity : Hot Air Ballons


Life of Stars


Nasa HEASARC Education :


Gravity - Black hole - lisa gravity wave detector


ESA - Black holes and X-rays


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Roller Coaster Physics


Funderstanding Roller Coaster




Science Behind the Thrills


How Roller Coasters Work


Roller Coaster Software


Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Commercial game around £19


Buy from Amazon UK 


NoLimits Coaster Simulation

Not as easy to use as RCT3, but also fewer restrictions.

Free download and demo, but save disabled. $29.95 for full version.


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Images and Movies 


Cosmic Cookery


URL for 3D 1600x600 QT movie


Nebula stereo images



Doradus / Tarantula


Other stereo pairs


ISS Columbus


STEREO Sun Mission


Stereo animation - download images and rebuild as movie


Intel Mac programs



Mars Hi Res MOLA


Planet Textures


Marc W Buie

Asteroids, TNO's and stuff :-)




Planetary Society


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Simulation Software :


Simple Pendulum


Planet X

stereo gravity simulator

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ISS experiments for schools


Worksheets and activities


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Starheads website:

Find an astronomer


Maxwell Resources & Links


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Resources + Links



Einstein placed on record his view that Maxwell's work resulted in the most profound change in the conception of reality in physics since the time of Newton. Maxwell's researches united electricity and magnetism into the concept of the electro-magnetic field. He died relatively young, and indeed some of the theories he advanced in physics were only conclusively proved long after his death. For example, he did not live to see proved in the laboratory his theory that when a charged particle is accelerated, the radiation produced has the same velocity as that of light: it is a unification that remains one of the greatest landmarks in the whole of science. It paved the way for Einstein's special theory of relativity. Maxwell's ideas also ushered in the other major innovation of twentieth-century physics, the quantum theory.


2. Wikipedia :


3. Science Snacks: Diamagnetism Experiment






"All the mathematical sciences are founded on relations between physical laws and laws of numbers, so that the aim of exact science is to reduce the problems of nature to the determination of quantities by operations with numbers."

--JCM? from Faraday's Lines of Force (1856}



In 1931, on the centennial anniversary of Maxwell's birthday, Einstein described Maxwell's work as the


"most profound and the most fruitful that physics has experienced since the time of Newton."



"This velocity is so nearly that of light, that it seems we have strong reason to conclude that light itself (including radiant heat, and other radiations if any) is an electromagnetic disturbance in the form of waves propagated through the electromagnetic field according to electromagnetic laws."

JCM (1865)



Maxwell links

MIT- TEAL Visualisations


Trinity College : The Electromagnetic Revolution:Oersted's discovery


Syracuse Uni : Maxwell and the Electrodynamic Theory of Light


Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism


Brown Uni:




Science Made Simple : Static Electricty


How Does Electricity Work : links


Science Snacks



Simple Motor






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Music Resources



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Music makes such a difference to students movies and presentations, but it needs to be from a legal source. This probably means you have two options, the students create the music themselves with GarageBand ( or similar) or you source royalty free music. 




Royalty Free Music Libraries :




"Award winning library of royalty free music from"  :



Creative Commons Music :


This is music released under a Creative Commons license and there may be rights reserved, so it is essential that you check for each piece. Many artists only ask that you must release the finished work with the same license and that they are credited. 





Space Resources & Links


National Air & Space Museum Lecture Series :

All content

Exploring Space 2007 Lecture Series

Exploring Space 2005 Lecture Series


Map a Planet data sets

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NASA Digital Learning Network


Hubble Site





Teach Space Science



Amazing Space Resources and Challenges


Astronomy Picture of the Day


Spaceflight Now


Aerospacecomputing Inc.

Stereoscopic head mounted display : prototype!



Stereo pairs - usually a bit too extreme, so need eye seperation reduced


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International Space Station


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NASA HumanSpaceFlight




Assembly Pictures



Solar System : 


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School yard Solar System




NASA - Solar System


NASA - Solar System for Kids


University of California - Astronomy


NASA/JPL - Solar System Dynamics


Planetary Society


Planetary Society - Ceres


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Black Holes :

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Black Holes


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Explore the Universe :

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Are we there yet how long will it take to travel to the moon, other planets, nearest star etc..


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Amazon Books - Children's Astronomy - our Amazon store should be up soon





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Storyboarding tool for Education : iStoryBoards


If you need another reason why the iPod Touch should have a camera, then Oscar Stringer has just given you one with the launch of his photographic storyboarding tool - iStoryboards.

Getting students to understand the importance of planning their movie /animation is one thing. Getting them to create a useful storyboard is another. This application not only makes the process easy, but, by having a slideshow mode that allows you to add music, the storyboard becomes a production in itself. Great work Oscar.

Oscar is an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Links :

Oscar's Site.   iStoryboards.

Web Tools : Free

Video Hosting




There are lots of hosting services, but finding one where it doesn't either link to the hosting site (like where there can be inappropriate content) or include adverts, can be difficult.


We now use ScreenCast, as it offers a good free service, that can be upgraded to give more bandwidth and storage fairly inexpensively. It also has a desktop application that enables large files to be uploaded.






No adverts, but will link back to hosting channel. Only content that you have been involved in the creation of, can be uploaded.





Video Conferencing


Beyond iChat - Xmeeting for OSX




Online Storage Space

Free Online #094489">StorageAccess important files from any computerShare photos, and files too big for emailSynchronize and backup foldersSub-accounts and RSS feeds for groups1GB for free.



Online Photo Galleries




Is a tool for presenting Flickr photos:




Free Online Surveys

The basic free service may be limited, so check out number of questions and number of responses allowed, but it can still be a very useful way of getting feedback. Watchout for adverts being added to your survey.



Free Forums



Collaborative Working Tools 

Wiki - a collaborative web site or work space


A number of the previously free educational wikis have now introduced either charges or adverts :


Still offers free wikis, but there are limits to size and use. 


Other Tools


"Looking for a text editor that is designed by people actually caring about Human Interface Guidelines? A nice way to edit your HTML files? Or a way to work together on code, texts or notes? Be sure to check out SubEthaEdit. While originally designed for coding together, its collaboration features have also proven to be quite useful for teaching, note-taking (e.g. at conferences) and co-writing text. Imagine meetings with collaborative minute taking or writing your TV/film script or book together with your co-authors."



"The world's most innovative collaboration tool, that lets users work, talk, and think together. With iStorm, a user can open up a document, and immediately start brainstorming it with other collaborators over a network. "



"Like iStorm, iChalk incorporates useful features such as a simple chatting system, and innovative tracing feature. iChalk also allows users to export the chalkboard images as JPEG file and even into a Quicktime movie file." is a free website that converts any of your own files into a public online web page. Every converted file to a web page has a unique web address so you can share it with friends, or other people on the internet. This allows information to be shared quickly and efficiently to a large audience.



Create delicious slideshows and share them with hungry viewers.



What is wallwisher?
Wallwisher is an Internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily.
What is a wall?
A wall is basically the 'web page' where people actually post messages.
What can I do with Wallwisher?
You can make Pizza by frying 20 grams of Wallwisher in Evian mineral water. Other than that, you can use wallwisher for:
Personal note taking
To-do lists
Party Invitations
Feedback Collection
Wishing people on occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries
Anything that might need input from a lot of people.


ProProfs Polls

A poll maker for your blog, classroom or friends..



Capture videos of onscreen action in one click.?Record screencasts, tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more. Share and stream videos online in Flash.?Embed them on blogs and webpages or send them by email.



Allows you and your class to add annotations to any website.... and see what others have written.



A map creating and sharing tool. 

"Communicate with anyone, anywhere in up to 45 languages. is a simple, free group chat that automatically translates your conversation as you type."



"Use NotePub, instead of paper, to save, share, and search your notes.

Quickly take notes including images, files, links, and tags. Search your online notepad using tags and keywords. Make your notes public, private, or share with a group. Encrypt private data. Control who gets to see what..."



"Posterous lets you post things online fast using email. You email us at post [at] posterous [dot] com and we reply instantly with your new posterous blog. If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world."




Shorten multiple urls into one...


Tiny Url

Reduce the size of your URL to make it easier to remember:





add live chat to your web page or wiki


CGI & PERL Scripting


Web Counters



Content Management Systems













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Wiki's & Blogs in Education


So you want to be a blogger?




Get started with free blogging tools..









So what is a wiki....

...and how is it different from  a blog?


pbworks wiki

PBworksi has proved to be invaluable to us. 


The new v2 interface is much easier and more powerful and the recent 200x increase in size for both free and premium wiki's will be a huge benefit to schools and charities like us. And the best thing ... no Google Ads, so no surprises that inappropriate content or products are being advertised on your site. However, the new price structure for premium wiki's is no longer as attractive as it has a number of usage restrictions. 



Some Links to information on the use of Wiki's in education :


Blog on Wiki Patterns :


Cool Lessons :


eScholarship Repository : Technology Innovations in Statistics Education




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