FilmSchool 2004


In June 2004, in conjunction with Careers Scotland, we ran the FilmSchool2004 enterprise challenge for Scottish secondary schools. 120 S5/6 students from all over Scotland took part in the 3 day event.


Brief :  

To produce a 2 minute video that promotes their local area as a great place to live and work. A second challenge to produce a 30 second trailer was also given at 6pm on the night before the final deadline. 



Although the final product was important, the teams were marked on the process. Each had to submit a concept statement, storyboard and script. They were also marked on how they worked as a team and how well they had fulfilled their concept.


Judges were from the BBC, NASA and Scottish Screen.  


Partners :

Developed and run for Careers Scotland. Supported by Apple, Canon and Scotsys.


Best Movie : Kircudbright Academy, 

Dumfries & Galloway 




Best Script & Storyboard : James Young High, 

Edinburgh & Lothians

James Young High Storyboard 

Best Trailer : Graeme High, 

Forth Valley