3D : Bring them back ALIVE!

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This new 3D show takes audience involvement even further, by using voting pads to make decisions that determine what happens next. BTBA is a Biomedical show that explains how the body works by using both real medical 3D data and simplified 3D models. The show raises a number of ethical issues that are then discussed in the follow on debate. Multi-media presentations on the topic "What it means to be HUMAN" are then submitted for a digital media competition.

Target P7 - S1.  

Time : Double Period + competition

More details soon.

We have 20 free days to allocate on a first come basis!

If you are interested in BTBA, and are a school located in Scotland, then please contact us as soon as possible!  



Medical and technology advances will soon challenge the definition of what it means to be human, are we ready to make informed decisions?  

What The Future Holds :


Redefining Disability

Prosthetics Now :


The Future of Surgery :


Genetics :


Growing Organs  and Regeneration :


Fighting Cancer :


The Brain :


Lifestyle And Health :


Synthetic Life :


Robotics :


Modelling Life With Medical Animation :


What Does It Mean To Be Human?