3D : Maxwell's Rainbow

Maxwell's Rainbow 3D Travelling Show


As part of the James Clerk Maxwell year celebrations, the DLF were commissioned by the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation to produce an inspirational 3D show that introduces the work of Maxwell to both a general audience and S3 and above students. The show focuses on his work on the electromagnetic spectrum and aims to take the participants on the journey of discovery that lead to Maxwell's theory that unified Magnetism, Electricity and Light.


Our initial funding was for 30 days of shows in schools anywhere in Scotland. So, to help select those schools we held a digital media competition.



The results are here : What Maxwell Did For Us


The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and over 5,000 students have seen the show. Music is by PJ Moore. The show uses the same passive stereo 3D technology that has been used to great effect in our "Space- the Solar System and Beyond" Traveling shows.


Image gallery from Edinburgh Science Festival

Image gallery from School Tour

Image gallery from Orkney Science Festival Tour


Please contact the Digital Learning Foundation if you are interested in booking this show.



Commissioned by the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation and Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund