Low Cost Stereo Visualisation

 Low Cost Stereo Visualisation for Higher Education:

Over the last few years Phil Lavery has been doing a series of events and seminars to introduce low cost, easy to use, but very powerful Real time Interactive 3D Stereoscopic Visualisation to Higher Education and Research Institutions.


What is Stereoscopic Visualisation?
It is the way your brain expects to see things, with a left eye view and a right eye view, and from the minor differences that around 60mm of eye separation creates in these two views, the brain is able to calculate depth and therefore able to construct and understand the real world we experience every day. It is the difference between looking at a flat photograph or illustration of an object and feeling that you can reach out and touch the object itself. Realtime Interactive Stereoscopic Visualisation combines modern stereoscopic display technologies with a powerful computer that can handle huge amounts of data and allow it to be manipulated interactively in realtime. Until very recently the prohibitive costs and complexity of large scale, real time, interactive stereoscopic visualisation limited its use to multi national companies like BP, Shell, BMW, Mercedes, Nokia or to some very fortunate University Computing Science or Research labs.... But times have now changed, a standard consumer computer based system can not only compete, but blow away, those big systems of only last year. Complete passive stereo projection based systems are now available for less than £10,000 and new autostereoscopic systems are coming on the market offering many more opportunities to benefit education.

For over ten years Phil Lavery has been pioneering the use of realtime stereoscopic visualisation in education, first at the Glasgow Science Centre and now with the DLF.



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