3D Show Requirements



* Good Blackout!

* Seating for audience

* Tables and power for our equipment

* Large enough room for audience

 room layout for 3D system

Download the above layout  here :  layout


The following images are from a number of different schools, showing different arrangements of the equipment. As you can see, we are very flexible and as long as the room is dark and large enough we will be able to make it work.


Images of shows can be found here : Gallery

Our system includes the following equipment : 

3D Screen :  

2.4m x 1.8m demountable 3D screen


A pair of NEC DLP projectors in a stacker and fitted with polarising filters.



Apple MacPro with 512MB graphics card.

Apple 15" MacBook Pro.

PA System:

15" Speakers rated at 300w


Wireless Microphones

If you have any questions about our requirements please don't hesitate to contact us.

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