How to : Create Multi Channel Audio with QuickTime Pro

 How to :  Create Multi Channel Audio



If you have QT Pro you can package multiple wav files into a single .mov and then export the file to something of your liking. Just follow these directions:


-This example assumes you have (3) existing .wav files of stereo content each. The directions can be modified for other scenarios / examples -


1. Open up all (3) wav files with QT Pro

2. Now start a new QT movie via the shortcut "command-N".

3. Click on the first of your (3) wav files, and select the entire track via the shortcut "command-A". Then "command-C" to copy the entire track.

4. Click on your newly created QT movie (in step 3), and "shift-control-command-V".... this is called "Add to Selection and Scale" and can also be found under the "Edit" tree of QT Pro. This will add the sound track to your newly created QT movie.

5. For the newly created QT movie, use the shortcut "command - J" to open the movie properties. In the properties window, you should see the listed 'sound track'. Under the 'resources' tab at the bottom, the listed sound track should show the file name and directory path for that sound track. Under the 'audio settings' tab, you should see the channel assignment for that sound track(ie: left channel, right channel, LFE, surround rear left, etc....).

6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for your remaining (2) stereo wav files, until the newly created QT movie lists a total of (3) sound tracks in the properties list.

7. In your newly created QT movie, select a particular sound track, and then select the "Audio Settings" tab for that track. Set it's channel assignment by clicking on it's current assignment, and then selecting your desired assignment from the drop down list. Continue doing this for all (3) sound tracks. My advice is to assign each track to left, right, center, LFE, surround left, surround right to create a 6 channel mix. You can also assign each track to a 'discrete' channel.

8. Save your QT file.... then export it into your desired format. Make sure the option chosen supports 5.1 (6 channels). There are many other export options including .aiff , .mov , and .wmv if you have "Flip for Mac".