Our Window Farm Project :

!! this is a work in progress, so please chip in with ideas, solutions and of course questions :-)

Inspired by the above New York WindowFarms project, the aim is to develop an integrated topic that is suitable for both primary and secondary students. 

As the pilot project progresses we will include examples of the students work.

Basic Plan :

Stage 1 : Discussion with students. What do plants need & where do they grow?

Stage 2 : Experiments : testing growing mediums, nutrients & lighting requirements.

Stage 3 : Monitoring the experiments using Digital Diary/Logbook, video, photos, spreadsheet

Stage 4 : Results, and conclusions. Decisions and Planning the WindowFarm

Stage 5 : Building the WindowFarm

Stage 6 : The bigger picture : Concept presentations showing students designs for City Farms

Stage 7 : Monitoring and Digital Diary/Logbook

Stage 8 : Eat the results & Final Presentation

Stage 9 : Share with and Mentor others

Included in the above students will make contact with experts to ask questions, get advice and explore beyond the limitations of the classroom. It is intended that Glow will be used as part of this engagement process.

Links to the Project Pages :

The Pilot Project at Lawthorn Primary

Hydroponic Experiment 1: Making the Wick System

Hydroponic Experiment 1: Pupils planting up

Digital Story Telling : Day 1: Taking Photos, Making Movies!

Digital Story Telling : Day 2 : Animation

Images & Movies : Movies : Image Gallery



Hydroponics in Schools ..

Choosing your growing medium : Experiments to do before.. 

Information : Exploring Classroom Hydroponics

Information : The Growing Edge

Linking Schools & Developing World : Hydroponics4Life


How to...

Basic 3 Plant AirLift System PDF : New Version

Basic 3 Plant AirLift System PDF : Original Version

You should download both of the above, as original gives information not included on the new one.

Suspended System : To follow


Our System :

Still being designed :-)


Possible Equipment Suppliers ..

Holland Hydroponics

Hozelock Tubing : Garden4Less 

General : Hydroponics Eu - Looks expensive & Priced in €

Local & Very Helpful : Glasgrow Hydroponics 

Scottish : Achiltibuie Gardens

Lighting : Daylight Bulbs : 240v : 


Lighting : 12v : 

Float switches : Deeter




Other similar projects..

WindowFarms : The Original Project

Finish Museum : WindowFarms Finland

Farms in Space :


NASA : Farming for the Future

Farms don't need to be flat..

Plants will grow nearly anywhere there are the correct conditions. They grow on hills, mountains, under the sea, and they will grow on buildings, if we give them what they need..

bhv homme

bhv homme

sky farm toronto

skyfram toronto

sky farm, las vegas

More here : Living Walls, Vertical Gardens & Sky Farms

Other links :

Chris Jacobs : Vertical Farm

Huffington Post : Vertical Farms : The Future Of Sustainable Farming

Hydroponics Experiment 1 : Making the Wick System

Instructions will be going on The DLF page here : http://digitallearningfoundation.org/content/our-window-farm-project