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Cloud Chamber Particles

The Particle at the End of the Universe : Sean Carroll

Demystifying Mass : Sean Carroll

Making Maths Education Relevant : Conrad Wolfram

The Wolfram Programming Challenge 2012 begins in April but you can register your school today here :

The Wolfram Programming Challenge 2012 is a chance to get your students programming and contributing their creations to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. As well as learning programming, students will have to exercise their creative and presentation skills. The competition also gives students the opportunity for the real-world experience of getting their work published online—a great addition to UCAS applications and CVs.

Who Can Enter :

The competition will be open to students at school in the UK in years 10–13 and starts in April 2012. A full set of details and rules will be sent out closer to the competition date.

Video is from the 2012 Learning Without Frontiers Conference.

The Beauty Of A Second : Competition

Yes, this is a promotion for Mont Blanc, but it is such a nice idea and such a great excercise.

What do you think is beautiful?

Can you capture that beauty, or that idea of beauty, in only a second of video? 

The 3rd and final round is open now: (Deadline is the 13th of December.) It is Flash based site.

Competition copy :

Feet CT Scan Present3D Volume Render

This is a test volume render in Present3D using a Colour Look Up Table to hide and colour selected parts of the CT data. The movie was captured using Present3D's save to image sequence feature. There were three sequences imported and combined using Apple Motion. The original sequences were captured in side by side stereo, this is the right eye.

Created by Phil Lavery, Digital Learning Foundation, as part of the JMVP (Joint Medical Visualisation Project ) with The University of Aberdeen Medical School and the Digital Learning Foundation.

Information on Present3D can be found here :

Posted via email from Digital Learning Foundation

Preview : The Story of Electricity : BBC

For some more shocking fun, you could book our Maxwell's Rainbow 3D showor go to our  James Clerk Maxwell, Electricity and Magnetism resources page.

New Messenger Data From Mercury

Prof John Ellis Interview

As part of our research visit to CERN, for our LHC 3D show, we were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to do a short interview with Prof John Ellis.

This is the first part of series of short interviews from that visit.

You can change the 3D viewing options, by clicking on the 3D button at the bottom of the video.

A gallery of images from the LHC visit can be found here : Gallery

Information about the 3D school show will be available here : LHC 3D School Show

drawing (on) riverside : the process

There are some projects that start out as one thing and then seem to morph into something else all together.

This was one of those.

still taken from On Wrecker's Ball

A still from On Wrecker's Ball, Digital Pepper's Ghost Installation.


Trish (Patricia Cain) first approached me, by email, around the end of August 2010. She had used a 3D drawing tool developed by John Stell of Leeds University, that allowed gestural drawings to be created using a tracked 3D mouse, a project that unfortunately, had since been discontinued, and she had thoughts of doing something similar for her Kelvingrove exhibition that would open in April 2011.