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So how does the LHC work?

Animation 'The Bottle to Bang'

You will find this and other useful LHC videos on the CERN Document Server.

Animated X-ray Analyses of Speech



By Christine Ericsdotter


The goal of this project is to investigate 12 speakers with the x-ray equipment at Danderyd Hospital, that is especially calibrated for synchronous registration of articulatory movements and sound. Each subject is recorded for 20 seconds at 50 images per second. The x-ray films are of high quality, which facilitates the phonetic interpretation. The analysis is made frame by frame by tracing the speaker's vocal tract profile and by feeding the information from the different parts of the vocal tract profile (jaw, mandible, pharynx, tongue contour and lips) into the APEX model. At present, we are investigating how the movement of the tongue is modified when the tongue blade gestures for dental and retroflex stops interact with the tongue body motion for various VCV contexts


Design : Objectified Trailer

Look out for Jonathan Ive :-) Full film now available on iTunes

Coolest Pop-Up Book Ever!

The End is Nigh! 2012 Reality Check

Article : Universe Today 

Today sees the opening of 2012 here in the UK. There is so much nonsense on the internet about the premise of this movie, even NASA is taking notice and trying to calm things down. The LHC Black hole nonsense last year had many students worried1, this has the potential to be much worse. 

Perhaps there is a good science/media lesson in this?

1: While doing our Gravity show last year, we asked over 5,000 students if they had been worried by the press claims that the LHC could create a black hole that would swallow the earth. More than 50% said yes.


James Randi remembers Carl Sagan

James Randi speaking at the first Carl Sagan Day on the 7th Nov 2009. 

I would skip the first 9 mins or so, and shortly after that, James comes on.


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Happy Carl Sagan Day


Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Carl Sagan would have been 75 today.

So, I was thinking, what would he have said about the "Ultra Deep Field" image (above), or the 400 plus exoplanets that have now been discovered, or the recent findings that suggest that water is, perhaps more common on other planets, than was once thought... I can almost hear him.

A few months ago, I spotted that Cosmos was now available on DVD in a UK version. I ordered it immediately. But then, when it arrived, I was in two minds about watching it. Was I about to spoil a cherished memory.. as it had been around twenty eight years, since I had last seen the series on TV. I shouldn't have worried, I was enthralled all over again.. 

Happy Birthday Carl.

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Glorious Dawn : Carl Sagan Tribute.

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Happy Carl Sagan Day


Succesfull test of Large Hadron Collider : CMS

Splash event recorded by the CMS experiment on 7 November. The electromagnetic calorimeter is in red, the hadronic calorimeter in blue, the muon system is yellow and magenta. The barrel muon detector was on standby and the inner tracking detector was off.

On Saturday evening, at around 8 p.m., after passing through the LHCb detector, for the first time since last year's incident, protons arrived at the doorstep of the CMS experiment, thus completing half the journey around the LHC's circumference.

Low energy protons from the LHC were dumped in a collimator just upstream of the CMS cavern. The calorimeters and the muon chambers of the experiment saw the tracks left by particles coming from the dumping point (a so-called 'splash event', see image). During the weekend, bunches of protons were also sent in the clockwise direction passing through the ALICE detector and were dumped at point 3.

Posted via web from CERN

What Holds The World Together?

In this video, Felicitas Pauss gives a concise explanation of how the LHC will aim to explain where mass comes from.
Within the next few weeks, the LHC will collide particles for the first time and finally, the crazy talk about Black Holes eating the earth and time travelling saboteur Bosons will hopefully end.
Does that mean there is no possibility that the LHC will create a Black Hole?

Glorious Dawn : Carl Sagan Tribute

Original on YouTube

Carl Sagan would have been 75 on Nov 9th. If you missed the Carl Sagan Day event, then this is a tribute that will last.

Thank you John :-)

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