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A Life on the Water :

ATLAS: A new landscape for physics

Cool Concept: Audi Shark


As the 2009 World Auto Design Contest Winner, Audi Shark promises to be the sleekest car of the future. Inspired by both plane and motorcycle, the Shark's futuristic design will not have wheels but will be a flying machine. The outside paddles are designed by the effect of a shark and will provide not only speed but balance and control. The seats are similar to motorcycle seats but with added comfort. The creator is Mert Tol, the Creative Director and Owner at award-winning company Medyanadolu Creative Media. His client list includes everyone from BMW and Mercedes to Gucci and Prada.

HiRISE Images of Mars

HiRISE Website

These are just a few of the stunning images captured by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. You will find many more on the mission website, including stereo pairs and anaglyphs. Enjoy.

Our 3D Show : Space, the Solar System & Beyond.



The Shuttle Lift Off movie you have been waiting for!


With close-ups and multiple points of view this video of the STS-129 launch really gets you into the action. Even better than being there.. almost.

Our 3D Show : Space, the Solar System & Beyond.



The iPhone Orchestra :

A really interesting project that combines composition, programming and performance all based on the iPhone.

view the performance here.

This may not fully explore the musical range of the iPhone / iPodTouch, but it does give an indication of the quality of sound and performance that can be achieved.

Do you listen with your eyes? The McGurk Effect.

Guernica in 3D

James Clerk Maxwell still at the forefront of Science?


Via Institute of Physics

Ulf Leonhardt suggests that using an untested theory of Maxwell's may allow light to be focused below it's wavelength. This is something that has been thought to be impossible. But, if true, could be of a huge benefit in the production of microchips and in the developing field of nano technology.

Links :

Ulf Leonhardt Page

Ulf on Artificial Black Holes

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What Maxwell did for us!

Maxwell Resources and Links

Light echo from V838 mon : APOD


Astronomy Picture Of the Day 22/11/09

The universe is both stranger and more beautiful than we realise. Click the link above to get more information about this image.

The above picture was grabbed from the APOD Viewer (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) iPhone App (£0.59). There is also a very good free NASA iPhone app which gives information, pictures, movies and updates on many of the current missions.

Links :

APOD iPhone Viewer Application

NASA iPhone Application

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