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Most Inventive Roller Coaster : Gravity Challenge: Ardrossan Academy

Team Hubble 3rd Jun 09. Ardrossan Academy, North Ayrshire.
This roller coaster was not only one of the more complex in design, after the ball completed its run it bounced off the wall, and returned to the start position for the operator to lift up. This was voted the Most Inventive Roller Coaster of the North Ayrshire Gravity Challenge.


More information about the Gravity Challenge can be found here : and the North Ayrshire Results can be found here :


The Tunnel : LHC Cern Visit : Photo 1

We are currently developing a 3D show, which has a working title of LHC3D and is aimed at S2-S4 students. This show will be finished very shortly and in the first place, will be offered by Durham Universities Physics Outreach. We will also be able to offer this show after the summer holidays.


As part of our research, we were allowed to visit CERN and each of the experiments to take stereo photos and movies. We also have many hours of interviews with scientists from each of the experiments, including, Prof John Ellis himself.


We hope to be able to release all all of this content, in the form of educational podcasts, if funding can be found to allow the editing and final production to be completed.


Some of our other Photos can be found here : Gallery


When available, more Information will be found here : LHC3D


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CameraPlus Pro #iPhone Images

I intend doing a personal review of the iPhone Camera Apps that I use. These images are from CameraPlus Pro and were taken 9/2/10 at Portencross, Scotland. More later :-)


Gravity Challenge Southern Tour : Best Team

team           Galileo 30 Jan 2009

location       Magna / CENT / Rawmarsh CLC
school        Brinsworth Comprehensive

More information about the Gravity Challenge is here : Challenge

More information about the Southern Tour is here : Tour

More photos can be found here :  Gallery

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Gravity Challenge : Workbook

The workbook for last years Gravity Challenge can be found below. We are trying to raise funds to move this onto the iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad with full web database for contextual support, additional info, marking, voting and evaluation. However, the workbook gives a good idea of what was covered in each day. For P7(yr7) - S3 (yr10).

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Gravity Challenge : Leeds CLC

We received funding from STFC that allowed us to offer 6 weeks of the Gravity Challenge in England and Wales. The first week was in Leeds at Leeds West CLC, and below are some photos.


You will find more info here :


Gravity Challenge: North Ayrshire : Rollercoasters

The Gravity Challenge is full day of activities for P7 (yr7) - S3 (yr10) students, that includes our 3D Gravity Show, hands on experiments, building rollercoasters and creating explanatory films and adverts for the activities.


More info here :


S3D : Temp 3D System at Aberdeen Medical School

S3D : We have Sound, Macs & Projectors..

Portencross Castle - Before Renovation