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Nice Explanation of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Science@Nasa Explanation of the Electromagnetic spectrum.

Of course, I also really like our own explanation that forms the basis for our own Maxwell's Rainbow 3D travelling school show.

Early Cineradiographic X-ray studies of Joint Movement

This amazing video is from Wellcome Film and is from 1948.

The introduction text lasts around 2 minutes and then it is straight on with various joints being moved in glorious grainey black and white X-ray film.

I do hope that one individual wasn't the subject for all of these movement studies.

ESA : A Black Hole Inferno

Testing blog update from iPad

This is a test of BlogPress as a method of updating the blog while on the move. The video clip is from a new show that we are working on and is low resolution for this test.

I don't seem to be able to position the video where I want, nor have I been asked to state a size... Let's see what happens when I hit save :-)

Ah, double clicking on video icon brings up video size dialogue box.

YouTube Video

: posted from iPad

The Standard Model Explained

Exoplanet caught on the move by the VLT

Posting Stereo Video to YouTube 3D

So, you want to put your 3D videos on YouTube and you would like to be able to access all those cool 3D options, but you haven't been able to find any info that tells you what to do.... well, let me pass on what I have found out so far.... not much, but better than nothing.

First, to be able to see the 3D options, it appears that you need to be viewing the video on the YouTube site. It doesn't seem to work for embedded videos ( if you know how to make 3D work with embedded video please let me know! ). Go here to see the original on YouTube. 

The Answer!

Most presenters of space shows will have been asked at some point, "how do you go to the toilet in space?"... Well, this is the detailed answer, from the guys that know.

StrataStencil Animation by Javan Ivey

All done with paper, this is a follow on from My Paper Mind, Javan's first use of his Stratastencil technique, that reverses the oft used Stratacut technique, by adding layer apon layer of cut paper stencils, while leaving the previous layers visible. More info on how it was created here.

Rana Sobhany : iPad DJ

Rana replaces her usual DJ kit with two iPads and a mixer. The result, a really fun system that has huge potential, as there are new music applications becoming available all the time..
The applications being used in the video are :

Korg iElectribe

Groovemaker House

Looptastic HD