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John Lasseter on Animation and Technology

Whether you create your animations by hand or using the latest computer software doesn't matter, these are just tools - it is the story and the characters that entertain and gets the audience involved.

Link to John Lasseter Course notes from Siggraph 94, "animation tricks"  PDF : 

The Importance of Sound : Gary Hecker

Take your favourite film, turn off the sound and see just how much has been lost... most of the missing atmospheric sounds will have been created by a Foley artist like Gary. 

It is often said, that given excellent sound we will put up with bad visual quality, but it usually doesn't work the other way around. Poor sound quality is just annoying.

As part of our Digital Storytelling workshops, we hope soon to be offering the creation of Foley sounds as part of the Garageband workshop. 

Taking Time Is Important : Kim Rugg

Cracking Invention Competition Gromit!

This is your (or your classes) chance to be in a future Wallace & Gromit adventure. Just design and build an invention, film it and then send it in before the 12th December...  and if you win, either a clay model of you or your invention will be joining Wallace & Gromit on set. So get cracking....

You can find all the info on the BBC site here : Wallace & Gromit Competition

or on the Wallace & Gromit site here :  Wallace & Gromit Competition

don't miss out on all the fun on the : Wallace & Gromit World of Invention site

You will find examples of previous W & G inventions  here :  Cracking Contraptions

The Search for other Earths and other Life

Light Painting with the iPad

Dentsu London using the iPad to extrude light objects that are then captured as stop frame animation. Simply stunning.

Read More :

Dentsu London blog

BERG blog

iPad Orchestra & Seline HD

You have probably watched and listened to the iPhone Orchestra and the iPad DJ.. well now you can enjoy the iPad Orchestra. The software they are using is Seline HD and the tutorial below gives an introduction to the intuitive interface. 

HD 10180 : Richest Planetary System Discovered

If you would like to see further ESOcast videos, either go to the ESO YouTube channel or you can subscribe in iTunes as normal.

Carl Sagan : How Many Rivers We Had To Cross

This is YouTube video has been embedded using the new beta iframe method - does it work for you. Let us know.

So there is a problem. With the iframe method there is no way to stop "related" videos being included at the end of the video. At this point the tick box is there, but doesn't work.

Stunning Aurora Videos

Stunning Aurora as seen in Telemark, Norway on August 4th 2010. 


National Geographic time lapse of a single night in Norway.